The day I said "I quit"


Many people told me to get a real job and I became a graphics designer, but I never really liked the 9-5 jobs, so I left that career to work on becoming a photographer where I could provide images that really speak to my client's customers and help them understand my client's products. Was I crazy? Yes I was, but after seeing the big smiles of my clients and the success they've had with my images, I don't think I'll ever turn back.


I'm obsessed with creating results for people


Call me crazy, but I spend hours, even weeks doing R&D with my clients even before the actual photography work gets done. This is to make sure that whatever we create actually talks to your targeted audiences right down to the tee. The result? well I'll let you see for yourself.


Creating to evoke an emotional connection is hard


Of course it is... If it was so easy, I wouldn't be doing it. But let me tell you one thing, the end result is sooo worth it when you show the image(s) to the correct audience and you hear the words "Yes that is what I need!"


Photography doesn't sell


Whoever created the line that photography sells products is a genius of a marketer. In most cases... NO it does not sell. What it does is it attracts, it connects and it builds that trust with your audience. It creates the sense of value and emotional attachment and most of all, it gives them the urge to... Talk to you to find out more.




This can solve the problem of not getting the right clients. It means less headache and a happier you, which is what I aim to help you achieve.