Story: 40 years of memories to let go


Here I am, about to photograph a house in Bayswater and as I walk in to greet the owners (The Kilvingtons), Mrs Kilvington's eyes fills with tears. Maybe I'm soft hearted and I know I'm not getting paid nearly enough to spend 2 hours photographing the house and sure I could be done in and out within 30 minutes but My gut feeling told me to stay for 2 hours.


This house was old but very well maintained and full of details but because it was a twilight shoot, the outside got way too dark to soon shoot anymore so I asked the Mr and Mrs Kilvington if I could come back tomorrow morning to capture this rather unique old fashioned home with natural lighting.


Mr and Mrs Kilvington happily agreed and asked if I could send them images of the house and of course I said yes. Soon after I started packing and I found myself having a convocation with Mrs Kilvington and then she started telling me the story behind this very house (I love stories!).

Mrs Kilvington mentioned that they lived in this home for 40 years having bought it sometime in the 70's and Mrs Kilvington explained that the house had been renovated so many times, with Mr Kilvington adding that the kitchen has had THREE COMPLETE FACE LIFTS!!! Yes Mr Kilvington was a builder.


The more we chatted, the more I was drawn into their story. They spoke about having many parties, engagements and grand children running around under this very roof and I could see that Mrs Kilvington started to tear again.

This house is full of sentimental values and I can see why it is so hard for them to let go. I'm just glad I decided to stay and create stunning images for them both to treasure.