Caution! Buying the cheaper memory card


There was a time when I first started photography and I was buying the cheaper memory cards. Why should you spend more on pro quality memory cards? [REWIND: All eggs in one basket: Large vs Small memory cards]

Yes professional memory cards are made to be a bit more durable, some are weatherproof and most of the time, much faster. This however doesn't warrant a huge jump between a $10 8GB card and a $30 pro 8GB card though.

I found out why the other day. During work, one of the cheaper SD cards died (Dick Smith brand) so curious me snapped it in half and what I saw was a small surprise (no pun intended).

Dicksmith SD card

Yup it's pretty much an adaptor housing a slow, cheap, no brand micro SD card and the other thing is I couldn't recover the contents (luckily I've stage one backed up).

I'm not saying it's a bad thing but just be cautious because buying a cheap memory card may cost you your precious pictures or whatever you store in the card.