Do what it takes to make it GREAT

Great photos takes time to develop just like great ideas. Before I go on with this article, I want to say that, no I do not photograph weddings under my name anymore. I have gone down the route of commercial photography and love it because I get to help other businesses succeed. However I enjoy and still photograph as a second shooter at weddings where I allow my creativity to go free and wild which in return, helps me create more awesome images for businesses that sell!

I was helping my good friend Jason from Jason Tey Photography with one of his weddings the other day and you know, I was just doing the usual ring shot at the groom's place and this what I produced:

Ring shot at groom's

You may think that's pretty cool, but I was disappointed... Like really disappointed. To me this is boring and there's no existence of any emotion.

Now I've gotten quite good at emotive product photography (my own made up genre) but having shot over 30 weddings with Jason, I felt that I needed to push my creativity and get something different, so during the reception, I told Jason I've shot the rings but it was... I used the term... "Crap". See how disappointed I was?

The next thing you know, we were both crouched down at the powder room's table for 15-20 minutes taking turns in trying to get a creative photo of the rings.

Here is what I came up with next:

Ring photo attempt 2

Not bad at all but I was still not satisfied. Why? Because where is the emotion? This only shows the sparkles and elegance of the rings together but it isn't intimate. At this stage I gave up and Jason took over from here and whilst he was trying his luck, I thought of an idea. The idea was - "I'm going back to the basics!"

After Jason was done (I think I kind of rushed him as I was getting excited about my idea... sorry Jason!!!) and I produced this:

Final Ring Shot

Man I was happy. There's mood, there's a splash of mystery, intimacy, warmth and elegance. We are DONE!

How does this relate to the commercial world? The last photo will be able to attract and sell the ring at a higher price than the others because it focuses on emotive values and not just "the rings are pretty".

Do what it takes to make it GREAT!

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Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it.