Do you even need headshots/Business Profiles?

Headshot Perth 1

If your goal is to connect with your customers on a personal level or make them feel like your business is run by genuine people and not bots, then your answer should be yes.

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A headshot isn't a picture that represents a company, it represents you as a brand and through common sense, people prefer to deal with people they trust. Duh...

I used to work in Mcdonalds and Myer back in my early days and I would get consistent customer returns asking specifically for me, YES even at Mcdonalds for ordering fries and burgers!

This is because I've built up the trust with them. They probably don't care about Mcdonalds or Myer as a brand, all they care about is "I trust this person to give me a good deal/product and great customer service". This may be a face to face scenario but a digital presence isn't any different.

We live in a digital world now and even before someone contacts you, they've probably done a bunch of research on you, so your first impression is very important. Think about it, what would your first impression be if you saw a Linkedin profile with a wedding photo? or how about one of a fishing trip you took over the weekend?

Perth Headshot Linkedin example

Actually, it's fine because it shows you who you really are, anything but professional. It might work on your private Facebook or Instagram account, but for professional use, it almost devalues your status. At least that's better than not having a picture.

So if you are thinking of getting a new headshot, don't just think of it as a "mug shot", it's so much more than that, it's the first point of contact most people will have with you, so start that off well. 


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Adrian is an established international commercial photographer, based in Perth, who is committed on helping businesses build up their brand which speaks to the right clients through the power of image storytelling.