The Basics Of Visual Impressions - Dress to Impress

How To Beat the Perth Recession! - Day 1 December is coming and the year is closing to an end. It kind of sucks that the Perth's economy has been having it's blah moment but that is all about to change. Follow me through this free course which I will teach you my knowledge on modern marketing to stay on top of your game.

I know some of you are anxious to see what you can learn from me so you can bring a whole new awesomeness to your business in the new year, but as all things, the fundamentals of marketing must be learned first.

First thing's first. Many of us in Perth hates changes, from the Perth Arena being built to the 2 way roads within our CBD being autorised, many of us spat at the idea because it was different. This translates to some business owners finding it hard to change old habits of marketing to suit the new generation of clients.

As mentioned in my introduction, your marketing team (which includes sales people, graphics designer, marketing employees, photographers, videographers, printers etc.) are your weapon to success, which means when time turns sour, keep them in your power team... You can thank me for that later.

The way I see it, the new generation will keep moving forwards whether you like it or not and it's up to you to make it work with them.

Now in the title I wrote "Dress to Impress". It was one of the first things I learned to do when I started my own business and I then carried it over to my marketing. What does it have to do with marketing?

Take a look at yourself, when we go out networking with other business owners or go out to a meeting, the first thing our eyes look at is how the other people are dressed right?

Compare the man in a suit to the man in casual dressing:

Well dressed VS Casual

Which guy would seem more trust worthy, reliable, dedicated?

You can say "but I already know this" which I'm sure we all do, but how many of us tend to take shortcuts to make our business standout? It's all about opportunity costs.

If we humans gain first impressions by how people dress to impress in real life, why wouldn't it be the same in the virtual reality where many businesses are thriving now and where most of our potential and existing clients spend their time?

Your products and services should be deserving a marketing strategy that dresses them to impress your clients. First impression is very crucial, it may not land you a sale, but it sure will get people through the door and talking.

Here's a good example for sunglasses products:

Below is a Prada product shoot I did for an assignment in my room. It looks OK but it's just a picture of a sunglasses which doesn't give the product a good value rating and did I mention I did it in my room with a basic camera and minimal understanding of photography?

An estimated cost of ~$50 per picture.

A basic Glasses Product shoot

Now take a look at the image I took of the Ray Ban Tech sunglasses below. It took many ours of planning, researching, meetings <-[plural] with the client and 2 hours of shooting time, plus the 2 hours of editing time.

An estimated cost of ~$700 + licencing fees.

Advertising photo of Ray Ban Tech Series

See the difference? Ultimately your customers will feel the difference and although this may seem like a big cost initially, you can multiply the returns much more than a basic image. Why? The bonus is that the perceived value of the product is increased in your customer's eyes, therefore you can charge a premium on your product/service.

It's easy and cheap to dress casual, but with a little bit more effort and money you put in, you can really change how your customers see your brand and product.

You don't need to spend money to make money, but you need to spend money to make more money (or time which equates to money). Give it a thought. Dress to impress.




If you have any topics of visual marketing you would like me to talk about, please simply comment below or email me through my website.