Fathers being Far on Father's Day


It's Father's Day today and I know it happens every year but how often do we as children, nag about our fathers being overly protective and mean? Father's Day is just a small reminder to us that we all have/had a dad and to say thank you to all they have done for us as little or as much as they did.

I left home when I was 15 and to tell you the truth, at that time, I was quite happy to live my own independent life without all the nagging and restrictions. My peers saw me as being lucky having to live away from my parents.

Fast forward 14 years, I'm all grown up (or trying to), trying to run my own business and learning about life itself I can see how important staying in touch with your dad is. Dads may be protective and may nag but they do it for your own well being.


At almost 24 years old, he still stands by me, supporting me through my business and life struggles even though I know he would rather me just be like other Asian kids and get a "real job".

He is a super dad, someone who cooks, cleans and is hard working. He always puts family first over his own business, turning away clients just to spend time with us at the dinner table.

Even having a full plate on his hands, he is still able to help and care for others as well. How does he do this?


Before my graduation, I was told that he may not be able to fly over to attend my graduation, it made me incredibly sad, almost to the point of crying (go ahead, call me a softy! But my dad is important) but I'm glad he managed to find a way.

You know those cheesy movies where kids see their dads as super heroes and are constantly trying to be them?

Well I can proudly put my hands up and say I'm one of them. It is tough for me to be like my dad but I want to grow a big heart like the one he has.

So please, those of you have your dads near you, treat them for a spectacular dinner and cherish the moment, otherwise give dad a ring and tell dad you love him.

I'm very sorry for those who's dad isn't with you anymore, but the least you can do is see the positive side of it and thank him for being there for you. I'm sure he is still with you and watches over you.

(Here's a great post by Simone Heng - For the Fatherless on Father's Day)

Sorry for the lack of visual images, unfortunately I don't have many images of my dad from the past, maybe I should ask him for it.