Grownups dressed for the Wild Wild West – For Charity

Grown Ups Dressed for the Wild Wild West

Grown Ups Dressed for the Wild Wild West

Giving back is something that I learnt through the process of growing up and I 100% support it! It not only helps keep me happy but helps put smiles on those that can benefit from the cause.

I was asked to do a shoot for the Convicts for a Cause launch day with a Wild Wild West theme. For those who are unfamiliar with Convicts for a Cause, it’s a yearly collaborative charity event supporting research and helping both adults and children suffering illness. You can read more about it here and maybe considering becoming a convict too!

Charities collaborating: Cystic Fibrosis WA, Diabetes Research WA, Reflections through Reality, Rotary Perth/Mt Lawley

All I had was a 45-minute window to shoot a series of images that told a story and we pulled it off!

So with such a tight schedule with almost no brief, I made sure I showed up 10 minutes before the shoot, so I could scout the place out. If you haven’t been to Miss Kitty’s Saloon in Inglewood, you should really check it out.

After scouting, I had to visualise 3 scenes in which to bring to life, and I had in mind a dark, moody but warm setting, kind of like sunset time out in a desert.

Then it was set up time! Whilst setting up all the lights, I could see cowboys and cowgirls rocking up so Tick-Tock! Time is running fast!

By the time most of the talents arrived, I only had 45 minutes to accomplish the brief. Stressful? Yes but I couldn’t have done it without great co-operation from the talents and the spectacular Christina.

Prior to the shoot, I emailed Christina to ask if she could round up the people and send them in to shoot. This was very important, as it saved heaps of time.

First up! Individuals. Because of Christina’s super round-up skills, her efficient list and super co-operative talents, this went through super quick. Some were nervous but ended up giving it their all.

Probably the most challenging was trying to fit everyone into such a tiny space for the group photo.

Next up, the bar scene and man this was all up to the talents to commit and they sure did!

Grown Ups Dressed for the Wild Wild West BTS - Bar

Grown Ups Dressed for the Wild Wild West BTS - Bar

And finally the last scene of the pianist cowboy flirting with another missy whist his dead wife haunts behind.

Grown Ups Dressed for the Wild Wild West BTS - Haunted

Grown Ups Dressed for the Wild Wild West BTS - Haunted

This definitely was a tough shoot, but everyone had fun and that’s all that matters. I’m glad I could help out with the cause.

Be sure to check out Convicts for a Cause.

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Photography: Adrian Tan
Behind The Scenes: Christina Markie – Localise, Amanda Reed – Travel Associates
Models: Christina Markie, Joanne & Garreth Morris – Design Synergy, Levente Lövei – Iluka Resources, Louise Youens – Two Moons Consulting, Nigel Barker & Karen De Lore – Cystic Fibrosis WA, Joseph Carlino, Dave Benck & Rhys Watson – Dirtwater Bloom, Sherl Westlund – Diabetes Research WA
Special thanks: Miss Kitty’s Saloon for the venue.