Harrisdale Developements: Eclipse Homes designer home

I had to photograph this house. Danny from Eclipse Homes was kind enough to allow me to photograph this designer residential display home down in Harrisdale, even though photos had already been done of the place... I seriously wished that photographer put more effort into it though because it's a pretty nice house!

In saying that, I limited myself to photograph more of the interior design instead. Whoever you are, we need to talk! Your interior designing is just as amazing and I would love to photograph your work for you too.

This house had a quirky design and I was wondering why I was having so much trouble lining up my camera with the walls. The floor tiles start straight then bends maybe 30 degrees at roughly 3 metres. Pretty cool!

Harrisdale Eclipse Homes living room

Harrisdale Eclipes Homes Living room

I really like the staircase (yes.. I'm obsessed with staircases) and the large windows which allow beautiful natural light to wash in and fill the rooms.

Walking up the stairs, you are greeted with this little space just enough for a relaxing area or a small open space office.

Harrisdale Eclipse Homes small office

Now check out this master bedroom. Kind of an odd shape but considering the shape of the land, I'm quite impressed.

Then there were two smaller (although standard) rooms with really nice interior design which I had to photograph.

Even with such limited time to shoot, the images turned out really well.