Headshots: Stephen - Westguard

Headshots: Stephen Behind the Scenes Stephen is an excellent financial planner who has many years of experience under his belt and has helped many plan for a safe and bright future.

Headshots: Stephen had been saying that he needed some headshots taken for some time to take his "coolness" and personal branding above and beyond.

He came into the studio, first in doubt that he was good at modelling so-to-speak but I told him I could make him look better than George Clooney. Quickly he learnt the techniques which I slowly coached and BAM! He transformed into a stunner!

Headshots: Stephen - Unretouched - Straight out of the camera

Of course we don't just stop at taking photos that conveys approachability, friendliness and confidence. What is a session with Adrian Tan Photography without having a bit of fun?

Headshot: Stephens sexy pose

Funny enough, there was a fashion photo shoot going on behind me with the whole make up artist, model shebang but it didn't stop Stephen from doing his thing. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the session with him.