How Selling has Changed and How You Can Benefit - Part 1

In the past, common selling avenues were; throwing your details in the White Pages, cold calling (although that isn't easy), magazine adverts and hard selling to a customer's face but how has selling changed?

Fast forward to this current generation, we grew up with the internet, social media and online interaction and that has changed how we as consumers see things. Your business competitor or life-long partner can be just a click away without even lifting your bum off your seats! Whether you like it or not, selling has changed.

As a photographer, I constantly have to research on how the market is running and devise strategies that can put my customers a few steps ahead of their customers.

So in this article, I want to share with you some of my knowledge on how you can compete in this new world of "online-shopping". This article will be split up into 2 parts:

  • Identifying the issues
  • Rectifying the issues

Identify the Issue:

  • Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Price almost always comes first because there is always someone cheaper on the internet.
  • Knowledge can be acquired instantly any time any day (I'll get more onto this later).
  • An average customer only spends 15 seconds looking at a webpage.
  • Old marketing tricks just don't work as well anymore and we know it.
  • Low marketing budget, low R&D or just simply spending marketing efforts in the wrong areas.

There are many more issues, but from my research and experiences, these were the main issues I found that could affect my business.

So how can customers having all these easily accessible knowledge be an issue?

People are now smart enough to know when you are hard selling to them and you really need to know your products inside out because nowadays, we research before we purchase, we compare companies, website presentation, picture quality, reviews, customer service and many others before we make the decision to put our money down. In other words, your customers would most likely know just as much, if not more about the products than you do.

Thanks to social media and the growth of camera technology on our phones and price drop of cameras, we as consumers have become visual shoppers and we know when you've put a lot of effort into winning our hearts. Our knowledge of this has increased the standards of visual marketing, so it's no surprise that images and videos have become one of the largest marketing tools that can attract customers... ONLY if done correctly.

So have a think about this, if your business can do with a boost, identify the problems that are causing the bottleneck first. The problems usually lies in your marketing, if not, your customer service. If the CEO is the king/queen, the marketing department is your sword and the person welding it.

Next week we will talk about the solution, how you can overcome the issues and get ahead.