How To Beat the Perth Recession!

What's up with the Perth economy? Many are complaining that business is slow because the mining boom is over, or that people are being cheap.

What if I said that in the next few weeks, I will teach you (For FREE), my secrets (not really secrets, but it does sound cool!) to creating imagery that minimises the impact of this recession which Perth is going through?

How would you like to have a spectacular advertising material which your clients can lust over, like this:

Product shoot example

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Why am I doing this? It's because a friend of mine from Melbourne told me that Perth is so backwards... and it hit me... Everyone seems to put their business actions first and not their marketing. In fact, at one of the marketing event I went to a few months ago (Australian Marketing Institute), the speaker mentioned something so blindly obvious! I couldn't believe that I didn't see it.

He said something along the lines of "When business is bad, the marketing department is the first to get the cut"

I sat in the room thinking that what he just said is so true! As a former graphics designer who ran the marketing department of a solar company (now bankrupt), I was the first one to get the kick when times were bad because the marketing budget was pretty much reduced to 'in-house flyer printing'.

The marketing department is the business' arsenal, it is the sword or the bazooka to hit a home run, just like how your lawyers and capitals are your shield. It's a vital part of your business.

Perth is no longer a country town and it's growing rapidly so your business strategy needs to be flipped.

As I'm a photographer, everything will be based on creating and using correct photographic images for your marketing.

Here's one thing to keep in mind before we start the course of how to beat the Perth recession. Everything you will learn is what I have spent years studying and researching and I know your uncle/friend Bob has a camera and that doesn't make him less of a photographer, but does he really know what works for your advertising?

So let's learn together!