Interiors Photography: Di Rosso Residence


About a month back, Foice Designs contacted me to photograph an interior of a residence in Balcatta. Originally it was meant to just be one image of the master bedroom and one of the kitchen shot within 2 hours. When I walked in and spoke to the owner, he mentioned that they built it from ground up and while he showed me around, I was surprised how much it felt like a resort! Imagine that, building you own home from ground up to live like you would on holiday.

I quickly decided I wanted to stay a bit longer (With getting permission of course) to capture some of the other amazing features of the house.

First up is the image of the kitchen. One umbrella was used from camera right and another on the far left to brighten some shadows.

Kitchen - Di Rosso

Next up is the Master bedroom. This was a little more challenging to shoot, as it was late noon and the strong perth sunlight was streaming in like a nuclear blast. Much light massaging was needed to balance the light from the sun and the ambient. In this case, I went for killing of ambient light. Also another problem I came across was that the bed looked rather empty, so this prompted me to add a drape? (correct me if I'm wrong) to fill the bed up just that little bit more.

Master Bedroom - Di Rosso

After shooting the two main photos on my brief, I shot the dinning room followed by the living room (shown below). This was where I ended up cutting myself somehow whilst pulling up the blinds (oops). Again, the sun was streaming in but not directly this time but it was causing unwanted reflections off the TV, so I asked Oscar (the designer/architect from Foice) to help me hold up a scrim.

Livingroom - Di Rosso

Funny enough, the owner's significant half mentioned that I was very playful and happy and that she usually sees photographers as being really serious and straight forward. The fact is that I once was the grumpy/serious photographer and it didn't make me happy at all and I'm sure it rubs off on others as well.

Say yes to happiness! It's also the fact that I was shooting a house that was build from the heart. How can you not be happy photographing it?