Importance of interviewing clients for jobs


Today I want to talk about something that gets overlooked by many creatives and that is the importance of interviewing clients for jobs.

Before I start, I want to say the World Cup is finally over and congratulations to Germany! Now for those who took time off work to watch this tournament, it's time to get back on your feet.

Ok where was I...

Wait... Adrian aren't clients meant to interview you? What do you get out of interviewing your clients?

You could let the clients interview you, but how are you going to know you can solve their problems? You are also the expert in the field, so I highly recommend you show that expertise.

Yes, there's always that feeling of scaring them off and that my lovely readers is the whole point. You want to work with people who are committed and see value in your work because people refer like minded people, you will also get to know what you are dealing with which will help devise a plan to help solve your prospects problems.

An example is; I've been doing headshots for a while that I know what I am worth, how much my retouchers will charge etc. so I have set a standard I abide to.

Say I charge $X amount and if the prospect I'm interviewing says "I don't think I am willing to pay that amount, can you lower the price because the guy next door is only charging $X", I will POLITELY (don't get aggressive) tell them to use the other photographer if they clearly understand the consequences.

Sure you may lose a few clients here and there, but if they want quality work they need to pay for what it is worth and it is up to you to figure that out.

In saying that, if you are just starting out, you need to get an excellent portfolio going and guess who are the prefect clients? Friends and family members.

Hope this article adds value to some of you and thanks for reading.

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