John Hughes: Don't be the 0.01 be the 0.001

John Hughes, one of Australia's best known businessmen for his car dealership, presented last week at South Perth's BNI Bamboo chapter. Mr Hughes inspired many who attended this presentation with his life and business experience and his wisdom. One major takeaway is you to be you and not follow due to peer pressure, or in his words, "Don't be the 0.01 be the 0.001".

I can see why he is so highly respected and yes, a very intelligent man in his late 70's but is still so damn fit!

Now you can feed your eyes with a few images I've taken from the event below.

Thomas Murrell educating BNI members

Luke Dimasi introducing John Hughes

John Hughes

John Hughes

John Hughes and the huge audience turnout

For more images of the BNI John Hughes special, please click here.