Learn how LinkedIn can benefit your career

Linda Le HeadshotLinkedIn is one of those things that at first, you use it just because everyone else says you should. It then becomes an "online-resume" and gets left as it is. We all go through that stage and I did too, until I met Linda Le from Wealthy Appetite and I attended her workshop... twice! Why twice? because her seminar is jam-packed with LinkedIn tricks which you can utilise and I found that the two times I went back, I gained new 'nuggets' (knowledge) which have benefited my business.

From learning how to gain a network to making it work for your business/career, this workshop is well worth it. Not to mention, it's grown to become a comprehensive hands-on workshop, it means that you gain a hands-on experience right on your laptop/tablet on the spot.

Linda Le teaching at her LinkedIn workshopIf used correctly (recommending 10 minutes a day) you may see an increase in business and exposure of 10-60% and that's well worth the 10 minutes a day commitment.

So do you need to be on LinkedIn? No you don't but it means that you'll be falling behind those young guns who are internet savvy and who can utilise LinkedIn to reach out to thousands and thousands of people, not just locally, but internationally too.

I cannot stress that having an updated online presence is very important in this day and age, just as important as is to network. So if larger companies like Coke and Nike are doing it, it means something and you should consider it too.

I've just heard that Linda will be holding her next workshop on the 22nd of September which you can go on and click here to purchase your ticket (Eventbrite)

It's a well worth investment for sure.

*disclosure: this is not an affiliate of any sort and it's based on how helpful I have found this workshop to be for me.