Media Writing Seminar by Thomas Murrell - M8 Media & Communications


8M Media & Communications - Media Writing Seminar Media writing isn't a strong point of mine with grammar errors and unstructured writing, but I found time to improve myself and you should too!

Yesterday I spent half a day with award winning broadcaster and founder of 8M Media & Communications, Tom Murrell in his intense seminar on media writing. Boy... can I tell you how it opened my eyes (Not because I'm Asian) to the way I communicate in writing.


You learn to...

  • Structure your writing.
  • Pitch to media.
  • Use the correct language.
  • Create an engaging and appealing article.
  • Give feedback to grow member's work and woe on real life case studies.
  • Target the right audience.

M8 Certificate


I can't really find any improvements which could be made to the seminar... If anything, I think that the seminar could do with more time, more time allocated to writing your own pieces and dissecting the case studies. You know... because someone like me struggles to keep up with writing talents (I do much much better with images).


All in all, I think everyone should learn how to write media pieces, be it for your blog, script or and article for The West Australian because it is something we all use regularly. It's also done with a small group so one on ones are given more frequently, well structured and with Tom's knowledge and experience, you can't go wrong.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out all of Tom's seminars here. The next one is on the 26th of August 2014.

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