My opinion on Tripods and my obsession?


Yesterday was a cloudy Sunday and after a good two weeks filled with long working days, I've decided to just lie in bed and talk about my opinion on tripods and obsession with them. Out of all the gear a photographer can own, I love tripods the most! I don't care much about the camera, flashes or lenses etc.. but tripods... A nice looking lightweight tripod can easily make me drool.

My first ever tripod was given to me by my dad and it was one of those flimsy, really old school ones. I broke that not too long after because itĀ couldn't hold the weight of my DSLR.

optex tripod

I then upgraded to one of those "cheap" Optex tripods (still it cost me $140 <--ripoff) which I still use today for holding speedlights.

Since about 4 years ago, I did a daring move to purchase carbon fibre tripods such as Manfrotto, Benro, Sirui and Feisol and to tell you the truth, I love them all!


I sold my Manfrotto because I wasn't a fan of the Magnesium Carbon Fibre technology. Too heavy for a skinny guy like me!

Benro and Sirui

I found that Benro was a bit flimsy and cheaper feel (they've improved a lot since) and I still have my ultra compact Sirui CF tripod for travels, which I find superb.


feisol travel

My most favourite of all was and still is Feisol! (Sadly they aren't paying me to say this) but it gives me the lightweight I'm looking for with only a little bit of sacrifice to the durability compared to the outrageously costing Gitzos.


So besides my obsession with expensive fancy Carbon Fibre Tripods, the thing to take away is that you don't need the best of the best to get by. You also don't have to be like me and go through a dozen tripods but figure out what applications your tripod will be used for and go with it.

There will be a post on Carbon Fibre vs Aluminium in the future but for now, thanks for reading.


*Title image by Alex Senagan