How to pick the right photographer Part 1

Waterford House - Copyright of Adrian Tan Photography How to pick the right photographer is going to be a 2 part article based on educating you to selecting a photographer that can serve you correctly. Selecting the correct photographer is highly dismissed in the 21st century and I don't blame it becoming this way. As high spec camera prices plummet, anyone and everyone is a photographer.

I support that everyone should be a photographer but when it comes important things like creating marketing content, a wedding, headshots, family portraits etc... hiring a professional photographer who specialises in the exact field will... Yes, cost you more but yield you way more benefits than hiring an amateur.

Acting Headshots - Image is of copyright to Adrian Tan Photography

You need to ask yourself a few question in regards to why and how paying more for a specialist can benefit you.

Eg. How far are you willing to take your... (acting career, marketing impact etc...)?

What benefits will be gained from getting really well done... (portraits, images, headshots etc...) produced?

Or in terms of weddings: How important is it to capture the moments and memories? Do you want the risk of important moments missed?

Why would you choose this photographer? Is it because of Style? His/her personality?

These are just a few questions out of the many you will need to figure out.

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Ultimately, professional photographers are prepared for any hell struck situations negating many risks that may come with hiring photographers with lesser experience.

To make it easier, we as professional photographers should know to ask you some of those qualifying questions too and WILL politely let you know if we find that what we do does not suit you, be it due to anything from genre to budget. Heck, even if we turn you down don't take it harshly because we mean you well, we may refer you to another photographer who we think you might be happier with and fulfills your requirements.

You may be thinking... But we are losing business for doing that.

For some of us yes, but the whole reason we became photographers is to create image stories that you and your clients, family and/or peers can connect with.

The key takeaways are:

  • Select a specialist photographer for a high impact images.
  • Understand the benefits of well constructed images.
  • Know your goals.
  • Everyone is a photographer but not everyone can create an effective photo.
  • Less risks and headaches!

Thanks for reading Part 1 of this article, I hope you've gained some insight and knowledge of choosing your next photographer.