Real Estate: beginnings

Real Estate photos are usually dreaded with the HDR style of photography. It's a love hate with many realtors with the love being that the photographer can be in and out of the house within 30-40 minutes and therefore charging less for the shoot.

Quick HDR Recap:


I have dipped my toes in the HDR field before and I can gladly say I'm not a fan. Why? because it makes the images look fake. The colours are usually over saturated, details are grainy and worst of all the images look washed out. It's really more art than a real life representative.

Image quality importance:

I haven't done many Real Estate photography because I focus more on the more creative for interiors and architectural but I plan to do much more, it is definitely a good thing to have some form of exposure to real estate photography.

For the lower end to mid priced market, it's a really fast paced job and sadly a lot of realtors couldn't care less about the image quality. Price trumps quality in this aspect, but what they do not know is that property with quality images usually sell for more than the asking price! Check this link right here.

I shot a house for a young and ambitious realtor yesterday (Chris Daniels from Porter Matthews Metro) and sure the house wasn't the best looking house, but in saying that, shouldn't the property receive just as much attention as better looking properties? I'm sure his client would be over the moon that he has taken an extra effort to help them sell their property.

Time taken:

It took 90mins to photograph this house (even better if the house owner can give 2 hours and it's a bang for their buck). To be honest, empty houses are quite tough to shoot as there are no areas to hide my flashes, but I'm always up for challenges.

Kudos to Chris. People should find realtors like him who does the best they can to help you sell your property and best of all, great customer service!

That my readers, concludes this post.

Below are just a few images of the property for you to feast your eyes on. Nothing spectacular for a house that is stripped from all furniture, but it sure beats HDR!


real estate - woodrow living room 1

Real Estate - woodrow kitchen

Real Estate - Woodrow Living Room 2