Real Estate: A Messy Start 06/02/14

A messy start!


Yesterday I was shooting for a new client and I was challenged with this listing. When I entered the property, it was a mess! (I mean intimate apparels were everywhere, rooms could hardly be walked in, broken doors, paint peeling off ceilings and walls etc..). This was my first time shooting for this client and I was told that this was my challenge to make this property look nice.

This agent really meant challenge when he said it.

The challenge:

  • To shoot the house in 30-40mins
  • ~20-30 images
  • Make the house look awesome
  • Twilight image of the exterior


I think 30-40mins is ridiculous unless you are cheating by using HDR and I can't say I didn't try it... I tried using HDR but because I haven't used it in a while, I totally sucked! So I went with what I know best, which is using flash but this time, a one light technique (No chance in hell that I have enough time to set multiple flashes).

After all the disappointments on time restrictions and a messy property, I had to whip out at least one killer shot right? (I need to, otherwise I can't bear to live on! A house like this still deserves better.)

The exterior without my magic touch:

Still good, but it can be better!

Exterior after I worked my magic:

How did I go with the rest?

I'll show you some images and you can be the judge, but I think I had done what I could and I'm pretty happy with the results. Never be discouraged, take the challenge and learn from it!