Ron and Linda's Power Seminar

Ron's Presentation Ron and Linda hosted their Power Seminar on the 4th of March and I attended for the second time.

All I can say is, it was a great refresher!

What is it about?

This Power Seminar is taught by 2 experts in similar but at the same time different fields. Linda Le who is a social media ghost specialising in coaching how to connect and build networks on LinkedIn (Online) and Ron Gibson who is the master on networking IRL (In Real Life).

Combining these two methods, you get the chance to learn the secrets of connecting with people both online and in person, using the two ways to form mutual benefits with your connections. That's not it! You will receive the chance to network with the people who attended the seminar as well and build (Or practice building) your relationships with them.

Is it for you?

Networking in person is for everyone and I can't stress enough how important it is. Also Nowadays having an online presence is just as important and with LinkedIn becoming the main source of finding out about one another within the corporate and business field, it is just as important to learn the bells and whistles. The catch? You can't rely on just one of them, so yes, I can highly recommend everyone to attend the seminar.

Linda’s presentation

I've attended twice?

I have attended two of the Power Seminars and both times I have learnt many new things, it also serves as a great refresher (you know how some of us drift away over time?) and to spark my enthusiasm. There is a lot to take in, in just 6 hours because Ron and Linda really do teach you everything! So unless you have information absorbing brains (you lucky people!) you may not need to go back a second time, but I certainly don't have a super brain. I refer back to the workbooks they provide me with, but over time, I will miss and forget some important information.


Definitely a Power Seminar not to be missed and there is a lot to learn so it doesn't hurt to go back a second time to fill in the gaps and reignite your inner flare.

Please enjoy the images from my camera of the seminar:

Because it is flash based, you may not be able to view it.

If so, you can view the images here.

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