Weekend Weddings


Weekend Weddings will be a new chapter I am starting... Sean + Jen

As a Perth Architectural | Headshot photographer that is dedicated to giving you the best commercial photography there is in Perth, it turns out that sometimes I need to come out of my "Zone" to gain more creativity. I'm lucky enough that Jason from Jason Tey Photography saw a spark of talent in me for wedding photography, sure I use to do it once upon a time and the truth is, I really enjoy it just as much as shooting architectural and headshots.

I will be helping Jason this year as a second shooter to see how things go and already I've done quite a few weddings with him. I don't regret going down this path one bit because I'm always meeting new people and seeing a blissful day unfold, PLUS of course working with Jason is always fun. We challenge each other to become the best and we are always aim high.

Never-the-less, this chapter will feature articles containing 3 images which I have shot from a wedding with Jason as well as 20-30 images from weddings I shoot personally. Why only 3 from Jason's? because I respect that when I am shooting under Jason Tey Photography, anything I photograph partially belongs to Jason (It works the same way if someone else was shooting under me). With permission we have agreed that I can post up 3 images which I have shot per wedding!

Hopefully Weekend Weddings can continue for a very long time :)


Weekend weddings will be under "Other Projects" > "Weekend Weddings"


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