Why blog?

I was never the type to write things and being an image creative, I always though that I hated reading and writing (no wonder I suck)... THEN... I learnt about blogging, a tool to help people get rich! (Not really, but that was my initial thought).


It's been months, maybe even years that I have been trying to make myself blog, having read countless "how to blog" books and meeting up with professional bloggers, but holding all that negative thinking it still dragged me down.

"A Changed and New Man"

Now? I figured out that blogging is about just writing what you feel like, a perfect way to share and a way to feel like the whole world is with you (even though I may only have one reader). This way of thinking has made me a changed and new man! So... How did I overcome this issue? I did it by reading other bloggers earlier posts and learning to be myself and ONLY myself and the willingness to share.

How do you overcome your fears and obstacles?