Why get a proper headshot?

sam timmerman Why get a proper headshot? Everyone has a camera nowadays and some even with gigantic cameras like I do (more on that on another post).

Ask yourself these questions:
  • How important is your brand?
  • Do actually put yourself as the heart and soul of your branding?
  • How does it sound to be playing with the top of the pack in business? Great right?

Well below are some of my answers to help you get to the top.

Regardless of your business branding, to be at the top, you need to be the face of your brand, or pay a celebrity to endorse it. If you are an average sized business, it is really hard to get celebrities to endorse your brand, so the cheapest option is..... for YOU (SURPRISE!!!) to be the face of your brand.

This does not mean that you can get away with cheap headshots and cheap self promotion, that's not how photographic imagery works. There are plenty of cheap options out there but there's only so much people can do for $x amount and you should know that too, because it's how the economy works.

Why get a proper headshot?

Compare made in China products vs made in Germany products. Totally different class, quality and market audience and of course one being much cheaper than the other.

If you are looking for a discounted/cheap option, I wouldn't recommend it because you are putting yourself into the most saturated pool of businesses with equal self branding and exposure. Another reason is if you do fall into the hands of someone really unexperienced, your image may end up portraying something entirely different! (images below are just examples and do not represent anyone in particular).


cheesy headshot example




I'm not saying you should book me for my headshots (although almost all of my clients wind up amazed after a session), but I would love for you to have a look at my headshot portfolio here and decide for yourself.

You need to be different because everyone is different and you need to find that in you and show it. I can almost guarantee that if you have a killer headshot that depicts your personality, confidence and approachability, be it for LinkedIn, brochures ect... You will be seen as a role model and your client and peer interaction will increase.

Note that it only takes a person ~8 seconds to decide whether they trust you or not from looking at an image and if your face is tiny in a "headshot":

  1. It defeats the purpose of a headshot and..
  2. People can't see the real you.

If you still think going the cheaper route (maybe because you just can't afford it yet), I can show you how to take a headshot saving you "$50-$100 for 10-15mins of your time and 4-6 images" with your phone. The headshot won't be top notch, but the quality will be similar within that price range.

A post will be up soon on that so keep you eyes peeled on my up and coming posts.

If you wish to contact me about headshots, please feel free to do so here.