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Photography - Loyaly Special Rates

The Mission

Adrian Tan Photography's mission is to build your brand and make you stand out from your competitors by expressing you or your company’s personality and values and creating visuals that resonates with the right customers.

Not Convinced?

Adrian Tan Photography puts quality in the forefront over quantity and only do we work with clients who really value what we can do to help improve visibility, some with as high as 70% Boost over surrounding listings, gain more A class clients and an outstanding first impression. We've been able to help up and coming agents reach the top search rankings on listing websites such as realestate.com.au (article here) and build a strong understanding of each individual's styles.

The Showstopper Pack

Go beyond the Standard!

Here at Adrian Tan Photography, we pride ourselves on the very best at storytelling through imagery and it's no surprise that we also service the utmost high end agents to produce magazine quality imagery. As over 86% of buyers search for properties online, it is so much easier to compare your listing with surrounding competitors, this is why you should aim for not only images that give off a top first impression but also images that engage and resonate with potential buyers emotionally. (Case Study here)

If you think we can help you get more engagement visually, we'd love to have a chat to see if your goals and vision are a good fit for us to work together.

Prices start at 800 + GST for a 3hr shoot

If you are thinking "Oh Gosh, that's a lot of money for photos" then the value for high end photos isn't quite there for you but don't worry we have the best alternative out there for you below.


The Premium Pack

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Daylight Premium

@440 418 (GST Inclusive)

  • 10-15 Images*
  • 90 minutes max on location*
  • 32 Business hour turnaround

Twilight Premium

@539 517 (GST Inclusive)

  • 10-15 Images*
  • 110 minutes max on location*
  • 32 Business hour turnaround
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The Standard Pack

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Daylight Standard

@176 154 (GST Inclusive)

  • 15-20 Images*
  • 45 minutes max on location*
  • 24 Business hour turnaround

Express orders delivered within 6 hours: +66

Twilight Standard

@264 253 (GST Inclusive)

  • 15-25 Images*
  • 90 minutes max on location*
  • 24 Business hour turnaround

Express orders delivered by 10am next day: +66
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0008-Living Room_after.jpg

Virtual Staging

Don't have the budget to stage the home? I have a fantastic team whom I've trained to provide the best most realistic virtual styling.

@66 55/Photo (GST Inclusive)

  • ~2 Business days turnaround depending on order size

Drone Photography

Daytime @385

  • Dusk or Twilight @385
  • 6-10 Images
  • *GST inclusive and flights subjected to fly zones and weather conditions.


  • Shared Copyright (@110/set)
  • Day to Twilight Conversion (@33/image)
  • External Daylight Photos 2-3 Images (@99)
  • External Twilight Photos 2-3 Images (@165)
  • Location/Lifestyle - 3 locations 1 Suburb (@165)
  • Elevated Pole Photo 2-3 Images (@132)

*Additional Fees

  • 4.40/Extra Standard Image
  • 8.80/Extra Premium Image
  • 55/30 minutes extra blocks on location
  • 55/Shoot - Weekends and Public Holidays

--- To avoid any additional time fees, please make sure that the house is ready to be photographed. ---


Unfortunately if you still think our pricing is too high, we are probably not the right visual partners for you, however I know we can add value and if you do too, we would be happy to have a chat.


Delivery: Friday shoots are delivered by 12pm on the following business day.

Shared Copyright: With any standard and premium packages, the photos are only for use with the initial agency photographed for. Any transfer of images to other agencies will incur a 110 fee (GST inclusive) per transfer OR a one-off fee of 110 (GST inclusive) within a week of initial photo delivery for shared copyright status with Adrian Tan Photography, which will allow for unlimited transfers in the future. If the client wishes to purchase the shared copyright after the one week, it will be 143 (GST inclusive).


Some of the Clients we've worked with

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Case Study

Which listing do you think will entice the most viewers to the home open and resonate with them at an emotional level?

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