Pricing is one of the first things people look for, even before considering what benefits are provided. Here at Adrian Tan Photography, I like to keep things straight forward, so below I will explain how I will calculate my pricing, so you'll know exactly what you are paying for. Please bear in mind that prices start at the Base Usage Rate (BUR) unless stated and that additional fees apply for different media usage.

What is Base Usage Rate?

Base Usage Rate (BUR) includes the first use of the images as a base fee, but the duration, media and territory are frequently negotiated as an addition to this fee and how I determine what the fee would be, for us to produce and then provide you with our images, for you to use. The BUR is merely a starting point.

My BUR as of 2016: $200/project and half day + $62.50/image

Commercial Photography Pricing

There are many factors we must look at before deriving to a final quote, Why?

Because there are 100s of different ways to photograph any subject – from using a pocket camera to do quick snaps, through to the high end productions where proper lighting equipment, models and stylists etc. are involved. This means that the way we choose to shoot it will not only affect our costs but also affect the value of which the images may be worth to you.

So your first valuable question should be: What quality of images will give you the most return in terms of your usage requirements?

We first need to take into account what all you need to use the images for - the 4 main things being:

  • Media use.
  • The Period of use.
  • The Territory of use.
  • The number of images you need to use.

These information will then be used to help me determine what I need to do, to ensure I get it right here for you.

The BUR is my estimated basic production costs, to produce images that would be good enough for normal standard use.
(Standard use is considered to be either: 2 media for 1 year or 1 media for 2 years, in 1 country).

So I start by working out what my basic production costs would be, by looking at these factors:

  • Pre production time.
  • Photography time.
  • Post production time.
  • 1 year image back-up.
  • Insurance.
  • Location / Studio fee.

And that becomes my Base Usage Rate (BUR).

Then prices will be calculated for a proper photo shoot to happen smoothly and professionally to get high value results:

  • Travel costs / Fuel.
  • Location / Studio fee.
  • Sets / Expendable.
  • Crew / Assistant.
  • Stylist / Hair / Make-up.
  • Actors / Models.
  • Props, Wardrobe.
  • Rentals.
  • Courier / P&P.
  • Miscellaneous.

*Some of these things may not apply - it's a check-list to help me work out what the basic costs would be, to finance the project to a standard level).

I then workout what the fee needs to be, for us to produce the type of images you are going to need, to meet your actual usage requirements.

So the fee I quote will be based on the use of my work, as opposed to the basic costs to take some pictures.

Headshot Pricing

Pricing for a headshots is straight forward I can easily go cheaper by cutting down the time with you and getting an OK headshot, you can easily get that with your phone or your own camera. My point is, if you value the benefits of a really good headshot, I will work with you to achieve that.

Pricing starts at $260 per person for the session and includes:

  • At 30 minutes to 50 minutes where we will work together and create a headshot that what works best for you.
  • 1 retouched image converted in high and low resolution.

Additional images can be purchased for $60 each. Group sessions of 4+ available at a discounted rate.

Copyright and image usage can be confusing as most customers assume they paid for a "total buyout" but in actual fact have only opted for a "limited" usage licence. More information here.

Do read below to make sure we are on the same page about what you will be getting:

Under the Australian Copyright Act 1968, copyright in images is vested with the author who licences the work to their client to enable them to publish the work for the purposes of the commission.

Commercial Work

When you ask us to produce some images for you to use, the fee we quote will be based on the use of our images.

  1. Number of images you want to use.
  2. Media use.
  3. Period of use.
  4. Territory of use.

Which will be clearly outlined in the Licence to use form like so:


An unlimited Licence to use will be granted to the client and comes into effect from the date of payment of the relevant invoice. No use may be made of the Photographs before payment in full of the relevant invoice without the express permission of Adrian Tan Photography.

Website Disclaimer

All images & video displayed on this website are the © COPYRIGHT of Adrian Tan Photography unless stated. None of the images or video contained or displayed on this website can be used with out written permission from Adrian Tan Photography or the stated original source. For any inquiries related to license or misuse of these images please direct them through the email address on the contact page.