"...for the whole day i was thinking.. How the heck does this guy do it?! Awesome is quite an understatement." - Dennis Chang

"Adrian delivers an excellent service with a smile. He has the canny ability to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera and bring out the real you. Very happy with the results and to recommend Adrian for any photographic assignments." - Mahmood Hussein

"As a teacher of Business Networking Skills, I insist my clients and students have professional photos in all there marketing and promotional material and especially for LinkedIn, I always recommend they go to Adrian Tan.... Why? He knows how to get that perfect shot, if you are a little like myself and don't have those movie star looks, Adrian can work wonders...plus he is so easy to work with, I am happy to have Adrian shoot me anytime. Thank you Adrian from a very happy customer!" - J.R.

"I have recently engaged Adrian for his headshot service. He is very professional and made the session fun and enjoyable. He has done a terrific job in getting the best shot which not only looks professional but also "captures" my personality. This is very important as your profile picture on LinkedIn is the first thing people look at before even reading the content! He did not failed in surprising me with all the different techniques and skills used during the session in order to get the perfect result. I have learnt a lot from him and would highly recommend him to anyone who values the importance of a professional headshot taken for their corporate profile, LinkedIn, social media and/or promotional materials." - Lun S. Lin

"Watch out Perth, I know a super star when I see one! I have used Adrian's photography services for many occasions with business events and more recently, a professional photo shoot for my LinkedIn and website. Adrian is so professional and particular about his photography, I know he wouldn't settle for anything less than outstanding results every time. There will come to be a point in time when anyone loads a profile picture up on LinkedIn, somebody would be bound to ask, 'Is that by Adrian Tan?' His images are unique, they stand out from the crowd and make a HUGE difference to anyone's profile. I LOVE my picture, thank you Adrian! I'd happily recommend his services to anyone and everyone in my network." - Linda Le